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One Hot Pixel designs a new Facebook Page for EuroHostel

My company One Hot Pixel, have recently designed and launched a new Facebook Page for the UK based hostel chain, EuroHostel. This assigment was cooperation between One Hot Pixel (creative and design), Önska Interaktiva Medier (HTML and CSS) and Nonea (Application programming).

The new page has several custom made tabs with information about the individual hostels, booking system, feedback from other guests and specific discounts. There is also a and dynamic eventlist that automaticaly collects event information from the regular website and publish them on the Facebook page.

Hostel business is extremely suitable to ”energize” through the Facebook social platform. Running a popular hostel requires building up a good ”vibe” through word of mouth marketing. Facebook is perfect for spreading this kind of engagement among customers.

This was also the first that I got contacted through LinkedIn by a potential client (thank you LinkedIn)and where the entire project was managed through Skype and Email. The project team was also spread out geographicaly and only communicated through digital media. It has been a very exiting to run a virtual project organisation and I have learned a lot through this project.

Last but not least, my involvement with the EuroHostel project brought back a lot of fond memories from running the Iglibi Youth Hostel in Prague during the early nineties. A crazy and fun time. I tried to give some of that positive energy back to this project.

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2011/01/17 at 16:20

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