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Advise on how to monetize on social media

Here are a few wise words from a interesting interview with Jeremy Koch ( about the monetization of social media and why companies should invest now, before we really understand how this ”brave new world” really works.

Here are five points to remember

  • We’re in a unique early phase of social media marketing history, ripe with opportunity. And it’s cheaper now than it will be later on.
  • Audience building comes before monetization.
  • How you will monetize the audience becomes clear during the audience building phase – not before audience building. You have to build the relationship and find out what they respond to before you can monetize.
  • Don’t just build audience. Build relationships while building audience size.
  • Case studies are nice, but standardizing Social Media strategies leads to increased competition and decreased opportunity.

Read the full interview here:

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2010/10/08 at 14:03

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