How to attract fans on Facebook and increase your conversion rate.

2010/09/01 at 16:02

Social Media expert, Scott Meldrum has written an excellent piece on why a lot of brands fail to attract fans (likes) to their FB pages and also why their fans don´t increase sales.

The main point are:

  • Brands and organisations MUST market their Facebook Page in every possible channel available. The page must also be an integrated part of the whole marketing/communication strategy. Facebooks social plugins (likebox, commentbox etc) that can be added to the company website on several levels is an important part of this strategy.
  • Make sure that your new visitors will come to a special landing or welcome tab that will convince them to become fans (like your page). This tab could be part of campaign and should have enough interesting content to keep them stay and interact with your Page. Do measure all the traffic and adapt your content to maximize your page. Here´s a good example by Levis Jeans.
  • Engage your fans as much as possible! Ask them questions, construct quizzes, design competition, write often and comment on their comment and much more. Don´t just reuse content from other media channels, make sure that you will do something unique on your that will be utilizing Facebooks potential.

There´s much more good stuff in the actual article, Go ahead and read it!

3 reasons your brand doesnt have more Facebook fans –

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Så här fungerar viral spridning på nätet! A lot of valuable advices on Facebook advertising

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