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Myths about Obamas digital campaign dispelled

The new american ambassador in Sweden, Matthew Barzun dispells several myths about Obamas succesful presidential campaign.Matthew says that Obamas campaign was more succesful thanks to a lot of footwork and lowtech than fancy digital tools.

It´s not technology that mobilises the campaign workers and voters says Matthew.

We made it easy to support Obama and his campaing, continues Matthew. Vi used an simpel formula with three goals.

  • Move the metrics (make sure every action counts and gives a measurable result, more money, more campaign workers or higher opinion ratings)
  • Lower the hurdles (make it as easy as possibe to become a campaing worker or fan)
  • Increase the expectations (create buzz)

Social media tools like campaign forums, Facebook, Twitter and mobile phones created a lot of structure for the campaign. But it was the people using those tools that made it succesful.

This shows again that social media is not a solution to many problem but an effective tool to solve those problems. But tools need people and their engagement or skills to work as intended.

Matthew Barzan is a former business executive who is known for his work with CNET Networks. He has recently been appointed by president Obama as the next US Ambassador to Sweden.

Read more about Matthew Barzun in this article:

Webbpionjären som blev USAs ambassadör –

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Dags att ta kål på nio myter om sociala medier!

Här är en utmärkt artikel av Amber Naslund med en bra verklighetsförankring som gör upp med en hel del myter kring sociala medier. Den angriper en massa tomma buzzwords och strategiska luftmål som många använder sig av för att dölja sin okunskap (ingen är nog helt oskyldig inklusive mig själv). En bra ”reality check” helt enkelt!

9 Social Media Topics that Need To Die

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